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The former star of the Paris Saint Germain football club is having a good time driving his new ultra-exclusive Ferrari.

Everyone remembers Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a talented Swedish footballer who was very sure of himself and who notably officiated at the Paris Saint Germain club with some success. Known for his shattering statements, the great footballer is also a collector of cars of great prestige. We have already seen him driving a Porsche 918 Spyder, the last supercar of the German brand.

And here he is this time driving a Ferrari like no other, a very rare Monza SP2. "Zlatan" is indeed part of the list of customers handpicked by the Italian manufacturer, 499 in number including the SP1 (single-seater) and the SP2 (two-seater).

Without helmet

The Zlatan 95 meter seems to protrude a little from the cabin of the fine Italian sports car, equipped with an atmospheric V12 of 810 horsepower. Note that he only uses a pair of sunglasses to avoid the impact of mosquitoes on the eyes.

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