YouTube on Android: Google tests a new interface

Google is currently testing a new interface for the YouTube application on Android. The Mountain View company is studying the idea of ​​integrating a new section for comments directly under the video being played. For now, only a tiny fraction of YouTube users are entitled to this new feature.

youtube android google teste interface - YouTube on Android: Google tests a new interface

Some Android users have access to a new interface for the YouTube app, Google ad on its official website. A new section comments indeed appears under the video. "We want to make it easier for people watching videos to access comments in the YouTube app" Google explains in a statement.

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YouTube on Android: Google plans to place a new comments section under the videos

This section makes it easier for people to post comments while watching content. This is particularly prevalent in live video. The new section show up to 3 comments. By clicking an icon, you can view all comments while still watching your video. Google explains that this new section first displays the most recent comments or comments pinned unless they contain a link or more than 140 characters.

Currently, you have to scroll through all the videos in the "to follow" section before you can access the comments area. For now, it is still only abouta small scale test. "We are still in the testing phase with a small percentage of testers whose opinions we want to collect." explains the American firm.

Google does not know yet if this interface will be deployed for all YouTube users on Android. What do you think of this new interface and this section for comments? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments below.

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