Your iPhone is able to notify you if someone has placed an AirTag in your belongings to spy on you. Unsurprisingly, Apple has implemented precautions to protect user privacy.

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In the wake of the keynote reserved for iPad Pro 5G, iMac M1 and Apple TV 4K, Apple finally announced AirTags, bluetooth beacons capable of tracking objects. Offered at a price of 35 euros each, the AirTag allows you to no longer lose your keys, your backpack or your wallet. The location of each object is displayed in the Find My app built into iPhone and iPad by default. To obtain an ultra precise location, you must nevertheless have invested in an iPhone 11 or an iPhone 12.

Shortly after the keynote, Apple clarified the use cases for AirTags. These beacons, alternatives to Tile and Samsung SmartTags, are only intended to locate objects. Trackers weren’t designed to track your kids or pets.

How does Apple prevent users from spying on AirTags?

Obviously, Apple expects some malicious individuals to wish use AirTags to spy on a loved one, by slipping a tag in his backpack or handbag for example. To prevent a user’s position from being spied on without their knowledge, Apple has integrated a security system.

“With an AirTag, no one can follow you without your knowledge. If someone else’s AirTag ends up in your belongings, your iPhone detects it and informs you reassures Apple on its official website. If the beacon is well hidden (in the lining of your bag or your suitcase for example), and you cannot locate it, a ringtone will sound. “After a while, if you still haven’t found it, this AirTag starts ringing to warn you of its presence” explains the Cupertino giant.

On the same subject: AirTags are Android compatible, but in only one situation

It should be noted that this security system is reserved for iPhone users. An Android smartphone will not let you know if an AirTag is placed in your belongings. On the other hand, the beacon automatically starts ringing as soon as the owner’s iPhone moves away from it. It is therefore impossible to track the position of a loved one with discretion.