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Save time, stay in control, always stay connected, in short, make your life easier …

With the system Audi Connect, Audi is making great strides in the area of ​​connectivity. The brand with the rings even imagines the complete integration of the car of tomorrow into what will be the daily life of users.

If in the near future vehicles will be able to communicate with each other, Audi Connect offers a host of infotainment and information services about your Audi today.

The advantage? Accessibility. Either on board from the MMI control equipped with a dedicated SIM card, or remotely from your smartphone or computer. A la carte services that we did not even imagine a few years ago and which are now essential in our ultra-connected daily life.

Audi Connect provides access to Facebook, Twitter, but also to your mailbox. Thanks to the function Speech to Text, it is also possible to send SMS by voice messages while keeping your hands on the wheel. Thanks to Audi Connect, journeys are also always reliable, optimized and under control thanks to updated online maps and real-time traffic. Some versions of Audi Connect even offer navigation using Google Earth images, to make navigation even easier.

With Audi Connect, you can also find out the price of fuel in the nearest petrol stations, find a parking space near where you are or even know the departure times, the platform or the boarding gate of your trip in order to to minimize your waiting time once there.

Better, from the portal myAudi (*), it is possible to activate and configure your personal services from home, to use them once on board during your journeys. Are you planning to travel? Plan your destination from your computer or smartphone and find the route on your Audi's MMI. You can even add personal POIs or photos in the MMI system so they appear on maps! Your account myAudi You can also access your vehicle's logbook, its maintenance plan and the contact details of your Audi partner to schedule a possible maintenance appointment via an online form.

The application myAudi on your smartphone also allows you to locate on a map the exact location where your Audi is parked, or to consult all the information relating to its "status" such as, for example, its mileage, remaining range, its oil level or again check if its doors or windows are properly closed. If necessary, it is even possible to lock or unlock them remotely! On electric Audi vehicles, it is also possible to view the state of charge of their batteries, to program any recharging and to have access to your driving statistics … Always via the interface myAudi from your computer or smartphone, you can even program the heating or air conditioning (stationary heating) to turn on so that the passenger compartment is at the desired temperature when you get on board.

* To use Audi Connect services You must first register your vehicle on the secure myAudi portal (downloadable free of charge from the App Store and Google Play or from the Internet) using the chassis number on the registration document (fields E).

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