According to a study, Google’s operating system collects nearly 20 times more data than an iOS smartphone. Every 12 hours, an Android smartphone would send 1 MB of data to Google, while Apple would only collect 52 KB of data over this period of time.

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As we know, our smartphones gleefully collect our data. No offense to iPhone users, Apple is not left out and also sucks some data in its servers. However, Apple would fare much better than Google with Android, according to a study by a cybersecurity researcher at Trinity College, a research center at the University of Dublin, Ireland. According to him, Android would be much more greedy than iOS and would suck nearly 20 times more data!

1.3 TB of data sent to Google every 12 hours, 5.8 GB to Apple

To arrive at this result, the researcher examined the behavior of two smartphones, an Apple iPhone 8, and a Google Pixel 2, when in use or on standby. In the case of both Apple and Google, data is regularly sent to their respective servers, and there is no setting to refuse this data collection. “There are few if any realistic options to prevent this sharing of data” laments the researcher.

As soon as the SIM card is inserted, Android and iOS smartphones start transferring data, and this continues in use and even in standby. On average, these devices connect to servers every 4 minutes and 30 seconds, whether at Apple or Google. However, the volume of data would not be the same at all. At startup, an Android smartphone would send 1 MB of data to Google while an iPhone would only transmit 42 KB. In standby, an Android smartphone would collect an average of 1 MB of data every 12 hours, compared to 52 KB on iPhone . In total, for all American users, Android smartphones would send the trifle of 1.3 TB of data every 12 hours to Google, against 5.8 GB for iPhones.

Google disputes the study

For its part, Google does not seem to have really appreciated this study, and has just published a press release in which it expresses its position on the subject, and possible “flaws” unsealed in the methodology used. Here’s the California giant’s full statement:

“We have identified flaws in the methodology the researcher used to measure the volume of data and we disagree with the article’s claims that an Android device shares 20 times more data than an iPhone. According to our research, these results are erroneous by an order of magnitude and we communicated our methodological concerns to the researcher before publication.

This study largely describes how smartphones work. Modern cars regularly send basic data on vehicle components, their safety condition, and maintenance schedules to car manufacturers, and mobile phones operate in a very similar fashion. This report details those communications that help ensure that iOS or Android software is up to date, services are working as expected, and the phone is secure and running efficiently. “

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