A developer has released an N-Gage console emulator that lets you play legendary games on your Android smartphone. Nokia’s console has yet another chance to appeal to users who were not won over at the time.

You can now emulate the Nokia N Gage console on Android - You can now emulate the Nokia N-Gage console on Android - PhonAndroid
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For younger people who have never heard of it, Nokia N-Gage was released in 2003, long before the advent of smartphones and other touch screens. The Nokia N-Gage was arguably the first true hybrid between a console and a gaming phone, offering a D-pad, face buttons and cartridge games. It’s widely seen as a business failure, but it still came up with a few interesting titles.

Almost 18 years after its release, all the cult games can now be launched on modern smartphones thanks to to the new Symbian emulator from Play Software called EKA2L1. The latter can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It supports Symbian S60v1, S60v3 and S60v5. For Nintendo fans, it is also possible to play 3DS games using the Citra emulator.

Legendary games are available for free

According to reviews of the emulator on the Google Play Store, this new emulator would support almost all titles released on the N-Gage console. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy an impressive catalog of titles for free: Tomb Raider, Spider-Man 2, Rayman 3, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Crash Nitro Kart, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or Call of Duty.

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The N-Gage console was released at the time when Nokia was marketing phones like the 3210, and had been created to compete with Nintendo’s famous Game Boy Advanced. Unfortunately, Nokia failed to win over gamers. Yet with such interesting games, Nokia had found a perfect recipe to make the device a success, but its price was far too high for the time. Indeed, Nokia had sold its N-Gage console for nearly 350 euros, too much for the time.

If you are a gamer who is particularly fond of old games, there are some platforms that might be perfect for you. Indeed, Plex recently launched Plex Arcade, a retro game streaming service starting at $ 4.99 per month.

Source: XDA