A few days ago, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi announced the release of the Mi Laptop Pro. If they will not be sold in France, Xiaomi could enter the French PC market in some time.

During a major conference announcing the release of various devices, including the folding smartphone Mi MIX Fold, Xiaomi also hit hard by presenting two new computers with “premium” technical data, the Mi Laptop Pro 14 and 15. Chassis in aluminum, high-definition OLED screen, ultra-thin bezels, Wi-Fi 6 and latest generation processors, everything is there, and this for an apparently affordable price.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s laptops have never been marketed in France, and these models are no exception to the rule. We contacted Xiaomi France who confirmed to us that for the moment, the European market was indeed not affected by these newcomers.

Xiaomi computers soon in France?

On the other hand, reflections on the arrival of Xiaomi in the computer sector are underway. Nothing official for the moment, and it will therefore be necessary to wait several months before seeing Xiaomi speak on the subject, especially since they would have to set up the production of azerty keyboards, a possible new logo and advertising campaigns among others. It is therefore impossible to know when the brand’s first laptops will be sold in France. With any luck, we might spot the next generation of their computers, but that’s just pure speculation.

Xiaomi would thus follow the path taken by Huawei / Honor, also known first for their smartphones and which have made a good entry into the laptop segment with their MateBook and MagicBook with a very interesting quality / price ratio. Considering the Mi Laptop Pro datasheet, they could also overshadow other high-end computers like the Dell XPS 13, ZenBook Flip 13 or MacBook Pros.