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Xiaomi wants to rub shoulders with a new market, that of e-readers. The constructor has a few arguments to make.

mireader 640x360 - Xiaomi wants to enter the e-reader market - Le Journal du Geek

The e-reader industry is largely dominated by the Amazon Kindle, while a handful of other products are trying to find a place in the sun. Xiaomi intends to invade this territory where manufacturers have purred for too long, with the Mi eBook Reader.

A powerful and affordable e-reader

This e-reader is not totally unknown. Xiaomi launched it late last year, but it's actually only available in China and India. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has applied for and obtained certification with the Bluetooth SIG, a sign that an international launch is very near.

The Mi eBook Reader has all the technical features to quickly make a name for itself. It is an e-reader with a 6-inch LED backlit display (24 intensity levels) with a resolution of 221 pixels per inch. It works with an Allwinner B300 chip aided by 1 GB of RAM.

Its 16 GB of storage allows it to store an entire library, and even more. The product supports the major market formats including PDF, TXT, DOC and ePUB, ensuring wide compatibility with many digital books.

The Mi eBook Reader won't let the reader down on vacation away from any electrical outlet: the 1,800 mAh battery gives it long weeks of reading without needing to recharge. In terms of connectivity, the e-reader is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, the most recent standard.

The question of price remains to be settled. The device sells for 599 yuan in China, which puts it at around € 73. If Xiaomi manages to keep the price under 100 €, this e-reader may well interest many readers.

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