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The Mi Stick TV, Xiaomi’s next HDMI dongle and future competitor to Amazon’s Fire Stick TV, has been leaked again. This reveals all the technical details of the 1080p compatible version. The new audio accessory will be presented by the Chinese brand on July 15 at an online press conference.

xiaomi mi stick 1080p leak - Xiaomi Mi Stick TV: the technical sheet of the 1080p version fully revealed - PhonAndroid

The 15th of July, in two days, Xiaomi will organize a press conference re-broadcast on social networks and on YouTube. You can see above the visual of this conference with the date and time. This conference will logically be dedicated to connected objects and should not be the occasion to discover new smartphones.

In this visual are hidden clues about the products that the Chinese brand will reveal. You can discover the wheel of an urban mobility product (scooter or bicycle), the contours of a Mi Band-type connected bracelet, the shadow of a wide screen (it should be the first PC screen of Xiaomi, measuring 27 inches and displaying images in 4K at 165 Hz) and much more.

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To the right of the display, you can see a drawing of buttons that seem to control the volume of a product. You notice that this drawing, as well as that of the PC screen and the key with the initialization symbol are surrounded by a kind of cable which ends up with a plug. And it looks like it's an HDMI connector. This index confirms that Xiaomi will present its Mi Stick TV in two days.

Compatible with Android TV 9.0 with Netflix and Disney +

The Mi Stick TV, already crossed in our columns in June, will be an HDMI dongle on Android TV that will compete with Amazon's Fire Stick TV, in particular. It is placed on the HDMI port of a television and is powered by a USB port. Randomly on the calendar, a Korean blogger published two complete articles this weekend on 1080p version Mi Stick TV (a 4K version would also be planned). The first article is an unboxing where we learn that all testers would have a penalty if they publish something before July 15 (confirming the submission date).

The second is more technical and presents the technical sheet, as well as the AnTuTu score of the platform. This is based on an SOC Amlogic composed of four ARM Cortex-A53 and one ARM Mali-450. He is accompanied by 1 GB of RAM (monopolized two-thirds by the OS), 8 GB storage and Android TV 9.0. It is compatible Bluetooth 4.2, HDMI 2.0a, WiFi dual band, Dolby Audio and DTS Surround and Google Assistant.

Natively compatible Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Spotify and Twitch, the Mi Stick TV should therefore be a rather economical solution to bring advanced connectivity to older televisions. It remains to be seen how economical it will be. Rumors say it could be sold 40 euros. See you Wednesday to find out.

xiaomi invitation 15 juillet 2020 - Xiaomi Mi Stick TV: the technical sheet of the 1080p version fully revealed - PhonAndroid

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