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A year after a very successful Pro version of its electric scooter, Xiaomi returns with a new, slightly revamped edition, which hides a full range. Indeed, the Pro 2 is the bridgehead of a catalog that also includes the Essential version and the 1S. The Pro sold for 499 euros was until then the scooter offering the best value for money on the market. How can Xiaomi's flagship evolve without its purchase price being increased? This is the main question around this Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 and this is what we wanted to find out after a big week of testing.

Design: some changes at the margin

Unlike last year when most of the advancements in Xiaomi's flagship scooter were "under the hood", in 2020 the few changes are cosmetic. No excitement though, the general appearance does not budge an iota, just a few details have been changed and in small touches only. Firstly, Xiaomi is abandoning the reflective stripes of the Mi Electric Pro scooter in favor of true reflectors, stronger and above all more efficient when it comes to being seen at night. These take place along the front and rear wheels and a red reflector appears on the rear fender while a white takes place up front on the stem. Users might have preferred a brake light instead, they will just have to be a little more visible.

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The mudguard, in fact, was one of the most fragile parts of the previous generation and one of the parts that suffered the most damage in use. Xiaomi tries to remedy this by adding small side reinforcements which improve support and which should save you the hassle of walking to your fender on a random descent from the curb. It is a shame however that Xiaomi, in its effort to beef up its scooter, has not seen fit to revise the folding system which seems to suffer from repeated use over the months.

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Finally, this is a minor improvement but nevertheless useful, Xiaomi now opts for a more powerful front light (2W against 1W on the Pro version). Although the aesthetic evolutions are welcome, and the Pro 2 is reinforced, the fact remains that the shape of Xiaomi's electric scooter has not changed for some time … not to say a while certain. Therefore, it is legitimate to hope for more significant changes for the next versions, both in terms of the look, but also of the folding system which is starting to date. What makes this Pro 2, a bulky and heavy machine (14.2 kg), especially in public transport.

Performance: same rider still rolls

Without major technical change, there can be no revolution in the performance of the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. To tell the truth, Xiaomi communicates on some slight improvements of the control unit of its machine or on an optimization of the autonomy but in use these modifications are not felt. Going from a Pro 2 to a Pro and vice versa does not change the driving feel or the performance. Also, if you want to have a complete overview of the driving impressions on this model, we invite you to re-read our full review of the Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro.

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On the other hand, new users of the Pro 2 will notice some slight changes in the display and more specifically the icons. These have been revised, and even simplified. The screen now displays more information and in particular gives access to a pedestrian mode that allows you to ride your scooter at a walk.

Serious but perfectible equipment

As the Pro 2 arrives barely a year after a Pro version which marked a clear turn in terms of equipment improvement, the question that arises is whether to change for this new version. Clearly, for those who have taken the plunge last year, further investment seems unnecessary. The differences are too small to justify putting our hand in the wallet. For others, and especially those who do not want the compromises imposed by the Essential or 1S models, the Pro 2 seems to be the best model in terms of value for money. Above all, over the years, Xiaomi has endeavored to enlarge the size of the box in which its scooter is packed. In fact, the manufacturer accompanies his machine with a host of accessories, from the spare wheel to the adapter for inflating the tires, including the lock.

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Regarding the wheels, the target of much criticism, Xiaomi has finally decided to change the tire for a model advertised as more rigid and therefore less prone to punctures. On this point, it is very difficult to establish an assessment after a week of testing. It is over time and based on user feedback that the manufacturer can be evaluated. This breakthrough was desired but it does not go as far as the community hoped. Indeed, users of Xiaomi scooters most often opt for semi-solid wheels. Without providing them by default, the manufacturer could at least leave the choice of equipment to the buyer.

Autonomy: equal to the previous version

On this new version of its scooter, Xiaomi has not made any major changes to the battery. Therefore, and insofar as the aesthetic changes have no real impact on the weight, we can hope for the same autonomy as on the previous version. In fact, during our few days of testing, we observed battery life very similar to the original Pro. The estimated 45 km are somewhat ambitious, unless you are a featherweight and go downhill, but it is possible to approach 40 km which is more than sufficient for most users.

As with the 2019 version, the charging time is not to Xiaomi's advantage since it will take almost 9 hours to fill up the 12,800 mAh battery.

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