What a pleasure to travel the streets on an electric scooter when the weather is nice. And this pleasure is particularly accessible thanks to the sales.

If the electric scooter is not particularly pleasant in winter or in the rain. But during the beautiful days, it is undoubtedly the most pleasant and the most effective means of locomotion to cross the cities. Fnac knows this and has decided to reduce the price of the Xiaomi Mi 1S by 27% for these summer sales. It thus falls to only 329 euros instead of 449 euros. 120 euros reduction therefore. Enough to finally discover the joys of trotting at a good price, but without sacrificing reliability and safety.

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Everything is rolling for the Xiaomi Mi 1S

The Xiaomi Mi 1S is the heir to the illustrious M365 which had been so successful when it was launched. Even to the point of being the one who for a long time composed Uber’s self-service scooter fleet. Clearly, you have surely already seen it on the roads, and we can say that it has had time to prove itself. It has all the important characteristics of a scooter as well as all the options necessary to comply with French law.

For safety, you can lean on its aluminum frame. It is synonymous with manufacturing quality and robustness. Like most electric scooters, it can accommodate a passage of a maximum weight of 100 kg. Safety (and comfort) is also ensured by quality shock absorbers, capable of absorbing small shocks, an anti-lock system on the front wheel and a mechanical disc brake at the rear. Also for legal and safety reasons, it has a light at the front and at the rear.

The 8.5-inch tires also absorb shocks more effectively, which is quite practical for cobblestones and allows you to pass the rough edges of the road without difficulty. On the other hand, they are inner tube and therefore liable to burst. It is possible to change them for solid tires and avoid this inconvenience, but a little less comfort too, it will be up to you.

As for the motor, placed at the level of the front wheel, that of the Mi Xiaomi 1S has a power of 250 W and allows to reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h, in accordance with the law. It will allow you to climb hills up to 14% which is sufficient in the vast majority of cases. It will sometimes be necessary to help him in certain particularly steep streets such as there are in Montmartre for the Parisians who read us. 250 W also offer decent acceleration, but without being too abrupt. This is also a gain in comfort.

Foldable at the stem, it weighs 12.5 kg. You can therefore take it with you on public transport for long journeys that you do not want to do on your car or when the weather is no longer good enough to drive. It is also practical to store it in the office or at home without taking up too much space … or to slide it next to you on the terrace.

The autonomy is rather correct with 30 km announced. Enough to cross Paris and come back without any problem. However, it should be noted that the range depends on the height difference of your journey and the weight of the user. In any case, the electric scooter can charge in 5 hours. All the information can be found on the small screen which is located on the handlebars of the machine. More settings are to be discovered with the Mi Home application which can be linked with your electric scooter via Bluetooth.

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