The screen of the Xiaomi Mi 11 has passed into the hands of the experts at DxOMark. With 87 points, the Mi 11 slab ranks among the best available in the high-end segment.

mi eleven
Credit: Xiaomi

Officially presented in December 2020 and available in France since February 8, 2021, the Xiaomi Mi 11 continues to be tested from all angles by experts around the world. For example, the latest flagship of the manufacturer has survived the extreme stress test of the famous Youtuber JerryRigEverything.

In addition, a benchmark video also proved the outstanding performance of the Mi 11 regarding Wi-Fi bandwidth, relegating the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the process. It should be noted that the smartphone has a considerable advantage over Apple’s flagship, namely compatibility with the Wi-Fi 6E standard against Wi-Fi 6 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This time, it is the recognized experts of DxOMark who have studied the slab of the Mi 11. Thus, the screen of the Mi 11 obtained the excellent rating of 87 points, placing him in fact “firmly in the top half of the database of devices tested so far. In addition, it even exceeds the Mi 10 Ultra ”. Note that as part of this test, the performance of the Mi 11 panel was compared with that of the OnePlus 8T, Mi 10 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

xiaomi mi eleven
Credit: DxOMark

The qualities and defects of the Mi 11 slab according to DxOMark

Among the main strengths retained by DxOMark, we note:

  • well-adapted video brightness, especially for HDR10 content
  • accurate colors overall
  • Optimal readability under most test conditions
  • Well-managed aliasing in video games

Next, let’s focus on the major flaws spotted by the DxOMark teams:

  • Adapting the image to very bright light may alter the color fidelity of the rendering
  • Darker details are difficult to see when viewing HDR10 content
  • Noticeable lack of fluidity when browsing certain web pages and the Gallery app
  • Zooming in the Gallery app isn’t the most accurate

According to DxOMark, the display performance of the Mi 11 is significantly superior in almost all categories (readability, color, video, movement, touch, artefacts) than those of the Mi 10 Ultra. “The improvements are particularly noticeable in video and artifact control, and it has also advanced in readability, color and movement ”. Only the precision of the touch screen disappointed the DxOMark teams.

Source: DxOMark