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At the end of the year, Xiaomi has just unveiled the successors of the Mi 9T, logically called Mi 10T. This range intends to extend the experience offered with the Mi 10, while correcting the shot on the price placement of its flagships.

Almost 6 months straight after the release of the Mi 10 flagships, Xiaomi is putting a layer back with the Mi 10T versions. A line of three smartphones on which Xiaomi relies heavily since the Mi 9T series has been a great success for the company. Moreover, there is particular interest in the French market since, according to Yan Liu (country manager; Editor's note), France is the country that has sold the most models of the Mi 9 family.

Smartphones armed for content creation

The Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T are a continuation of the Mi 10 Pro and Mi 10. These are two smartphones designed to compete at the top of the basket and which, in fact, offer weighty arguments.

First of all the Mi 10T Pro. This is undoubtedly the flagship of the end of the year for the Chinese firm. If it loses the Oled panel that we find on the Mi 10 Pro, it gains however a much higher refresh rate: 144 Hz instead of 90 Hz. Xiaomi prefers to offer comfort of use to its customers rather than 'a Super Amoled panel. However, the company specifies that its LCD panel is just as qualitative as the best OLED displays on the market. A speech that we will not fail to verify once the phone is in our hands. As for the size, Xiaomi offers a 6.67-inch screen with Full HD + definition and a 20: 9 ratio. Another point raised by Xiaomi, the screen refresh is adaptive and can go from 30 Hz to 144 Hz depending on usage. The maximum rate will be mainly used during video game sessions, and the minimum rate when the phone is idle. or with Always-On activated.

As so often, it is mainly on the photo component that Xiaomi puts the most. This time again, with the Pro model, the firm offers a main module of 108 megapixels, well put forward on the back of the mobile. It is supported by a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle module and a 5-megapixel macro module. Xiaomi has paid particular attention to its photo application and the possibilities offered. Many modes are present, including a long exposure mode or astrophotography. Same thing on the video side since the Mi 10T Pro is able to shoot up to 8K. Optical stabilization is also present on the main module, enough to film without being afraid of hand tremors.

Finally, concerning power, Xiaomi equips its Mi 10T Pro with the Snapdragon 865 coupled with 8 GB of RAM. More than enough to make it a serious contender with the bigwigs. On the battery, it is a 5000 mAh accumulator with a 33 W charge. The company promises extremely fast recharging thanks to its in-house technology called Middle Middle Tab. Concretely, the battery is charged by the middle of the latter and not by one of the ends. This allows a more uniform recharge on each side – and theoretically faster than usual.

After reading all of this, you might be wondering where the Mi 10T went. Don't worry, he hasn't been forgotten. Only, its technical sheet is almost the same as that of the Pro model. The only real difference is in its photographic ability. Indeed, it has a 64 megapixel module instead of the 108 megapixel. Also, the RAM is revised a little downwards since it only carries "only" 6 GB.

With this new range, Xiaomi is also reviewing its price positioning. Judged a little too high in March with the Mi 10, these Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T will be offered around 200 € cheaper. The Pro version will be displayed at € 569.90 (128 + 8 GB) and € 599.90 (256 + 8 GB). For the classic model, only one configuration available: 128 + 6 GB for € 499.90. A price list much closer to the habits of the company.

A Lite version that makes 5G accessible

A third Mi 10T comes to close the celebration. As with the Mi 10 range, the goal behind this third model is to offer an affordable 5G smartphone, without necessarily cutting back on the technical sheet.

In fact, this Mi 10T Lite arrives with a 6.67-inch panel with an FHD + definition and a 20: 9 ratio, the same as on the two previous models. The first difference concerns the refresh rate which goes from 144 Hz to 120 Hz. Here too, it is always adaptive according to your use.

Four modules are present at the rear. The main one is 64 megapixels. It is assisted by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and a 5-megapixel macro module. Finally, a 2-megapixel depth sensor is responsible for bringing up the rear. A very honorable configuration, which is almost similar to what we have seen on the Poco X3 NFC. Moreover, the design of the island housing the sensors is identical.

If Xiaomi aims to offer the cheapest 5G device on the market, it simply could not fit a Snapdragon 865 in this Mi 10T Lite. It is therefore the Snapdragon 750G which has been integrated; a chip which makes its first appearance on the model of the Chinese firm. In addition, with 6 GB of RAM, here too the performance should be more than the rendezvous. As for the battery, we find a 4820 mAh accumulator which also charges at 33 W.

When it was released, the Mi 10 Lite was positioned as the cheapest 5G smartphone on the market with a price of 329 €. A surprising price charged, especially since those of the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro had sharply increased. With the Mi 10T Lite, Xiaomi does even better since it will start at € 299.90 in a 64 + 6 GB configuration. It will take € 329.90 for double the storage.

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