Smartphone audio has a new champion, according to the DxOMark lab. The Xiaomi Mi 10S tosses politeness to the Asus ROG Phone 5 to seize the first place thanks to a sound signed Harman Kardon. Only concern: it is only planned in China for the moment.

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Barely presented, already greeted. The Xiaomi Mi 10S was officially inducted this Wednesday in China. The newcomer from the Chinese manufacturer shines with many strengths, but above all with his audio experience. Passed through the hands of engineers at DxOMark, the laboratory specializing in camera and sound testing, it simply came out with the best score, beating the former champion, the ROG Phone 5.

Thanks Harman-Kardon!

The brand’s new smartphone arrives with a rather interesting technical sheet: a 6.67-inch Amoled screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, a Snapdragon 870 5G processor, a quadruple photo sensor and a 4780 mAh battery with fast charging. And in terms of sound, it offers two balanced speakers with the largest amplitude on the market (0.7 mm). But it is above all the know-how of Harman Kardon, partner of the audio system, that works wonders.

Thanks to the contribution of the sound giant, the Mi 10S totals a score of 80 at the end of the tests carried out by DxOMark. And this, whether reading or recording, with the best score in both areas. It thus gives Xiaomi the first place in the sector after seeing the Mi 10 Pro being overtaken by the gaming smartphone from Asus.

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Source: DxOMark

It is the sound quality in its entirety that has seduced, whether it is the timbre “exceptional“With good mids, strong and dynamic bass, as well as a balance”almost perfect“. DxOMark notably notes the performance of precise attacks with instruments and vocals that are well detached and clear. The virtual absence of distortion, whatever the musical style, and the quality of the artefacts are also highlighted.

The few negative points noted concern in particular the too great proximity of the sound source which can alter the sound reproduction at a distance. The minimum volume is a bit low, making listening to quiet parts of some content such as classical music difficult to hear. At full volume, the bass is lacking.

Excellent in recording too

In recording, the Xiaomi Mi 10S is slightly ahead of the ROG Phone 5, of which it was one of the strong points. The laboratory honors the excellent rendering of the vocals thanks to the good upper bass mids. In particular, he perceives very well distant voices. The performance of the artifacts is also excellent. The volume of voice memo recording is good. The camera perceives the location of noise and elements over a good width in video recording. In a little noisier environment, the voice stands out well and is perfectly picked up by the microphones.

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On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi 10S is hampered in cases of strong sound pressure such as an electronic music concert, for example, and poorly balances the audio balance. It then suffers from a lack of extension at the top of the range and increases the treble which is altered, because too compressed.

As a whole, the Xiaomi Mi 10S performs in areas that are often tricky, such as producing good, precise and punchy bass. The tone is excellent with good mids and produces an overall balance.