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Xiaomi has filed an interesting new patent. The Chinese firm, which is multiplying the avenues to remove the photo sensor from the facade, is in fact working on a double module which would be tiny and which would hide in the frame of the phone. A patent that is added to the long list of those recently filed.

xiaomi smartphone dual popup cameras patent renders - Xiaomi has invented a completely crossed out popup double photo sensor - PhonAndroid
Credit: Let’s Go Digital

How to remove the photo sensor from the front of a smartphone? Xiaomi is currently obsessed with filing several patents in this direction in recent months. The latest one was spotted by Letsgodigital and is showing rather interesting. Here it is not just the front sensor that Xiaomi seeks to remove, but also those in the back. To do this, the Chinese manufacturer has devised a double module that emerges from the smartphone when the user needs it. It would serve as well for selfies or for "classic" photography.

We have already seen this kind of engineering, especially on some Honor, on the Xiaomi Mi 9T or on the Oppo Reno 2. The difference is that here, the module is composed two distinct branches equipped with one sensor on both sides, for a total of four sensors. On paper, the idea may be interesting, but you have to see how it could be in use.

So far, we only have one patent here, but the Chinese automaker may well use it in the future. In all cases, he gives an overview of what he is currently working on.

Xiaomi, the idea factory

Xaomi is bubbling over with ideas right now and files patents with a vengeance to secure his ideas. Refining the design seems to be the brand's great obsession, with a dual sensor that rotates on itself enthroned on a folding smartphone or a rear sensor that is also capable of taking selfies.

The AFN is not the only subject Xiaomi is currently filing patents on. Not long ago, the manufacturer had tabled the idea of ​​wireless headphones directly integrated into the chassis. Nothing says that all of this will be used in the brand's next terminals, but it would not be surprising to see these finds arrive as they are, or slightly modified, in future products.

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