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A video showing a prototype of a Mi 10 Ultra with an underscreen camera was posted on Weibo by "Classmate Li Dahui".

In his video, he compares the phone with the real Mi 10 Ultra, which is not sold in France. After explaining how the under-screen sensor works, the blogger takes some selfies to show us the difference in quality between the two technologies.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra prototype udc - Xiaomi: a prototype of Mi 10 Ultra with a camera under the screen is revealed in video - Tom's Guide
Credit: Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra prototype with an underscreen camera – 李 大锤 同学 / Weibo

A few days ago, the Chinese manufacturer announced its latest innovation: the hidden camera under the screen, which will be found in 2021 on Xiaomi smartphones. This is not, however, the first phone incorporating this technology. Indeed, ZTE has already released the Axon 20 5G, which is the first smartphone with an underscreen camera.

As exciting as it may be for some, Dahui was also quick to point out that the version seen in the video was still a prototype. The phone still has some flaws, especially in the quality of the photos taken by the sensor. However, these issues are currently being addressed by Xiaomi's technical team and should be resolved before mass production.

Dahui also showed a smartphone which is equipped with the first generation of underscreen cameras. This is still visible, because the area it is in does not have the same pixel density as the rest of the screen. Xiaomi has therefore made a lot of progress since the presentation of its technology in June 2019.

This prototype is unlikely to be marketed

Li Dahui specifies that a smartphone with an underscreen camera would not be mass produced until 2021. However, it would not be impossible for Xiaomi to present a smartphone incorporating this technology by the end of this year, without commercializing it on a large scale. Indeed, the Chinese manufacturer unveiled in 2019 the Mi Mix Alpha, a smartphone with a 360 ° screen and a 108 megapixel camera. This one has never been available for sale outside of China. The video of the Mi 10 Ultra prototype can be found in the source of the article.

Source: Weibo

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