Ouch. If you are a fan of sports cars from the 60s and / or racing cars from the 90s, sit down, it will be better. Besides in any case sit down, it will be better.

Because what we have here is a car known as the world’s fastest E-Type Jaguar. It was designed in 1977 by Fred Cliffe, a gentleman driver specialist in the Jaaaag ‘, then built over a period of 13 years by the Rob Beere Racing team (based in Coventry, closer to the source), at Malcolm’s expense. Hamilton, another pilot in love with the Type E. Sacred face, no?

It is a Type 3e series which hides under this monstrous body kit all in aluminum, fiberglass and carbon. The rear spoiler was originally from a Jaguar XJR-9 Silk Cut.

The engine also comes from Group C: a colossal V12 7.3 prepared by TWR, developing 750 hp and 920 Nm. It is mounted 15 cm lower and in a more central position than on the original E Type.

The gearbox is a custom Hewland type dog leg (inverted grid, with the first at the bottom). It is associated with an ultralight flywheel, a three-disc clutch and a suspension signed Rob Beere Racing. Last detail that kills, the wheels are those of an XJ220 C of the 24 heures du mans.

Apparently, this machine goes from 0 to 240 km / h in 8 s, and can reach 290 km / h in peak (after an Our Father).

With Malcolm Hamilton at the wheel, “The Beast” dominated its historic British Intermarque Championship category in the 90s, with 52 wins and 87 podiums. An accident at Oulton Park sadly ended her career in 2001 and the thundering Jag was dismantled, but her current owner rebuilt and restored her to the way she was in her glory days. Nice work.

This car is now for sale. If you are sensitive to this incredible cocktail of elegance and savagery, give Hampson Auctions a call.