Wondering what the emotional state of Emma Watson is? We tell you here!

Emma Watson It is always on everyone's lips for their intelligence and leadership. The star has enshrined herself as a faithful defender of women's rights and justice.

Now, Watson It has created a revolution in psychology, since it has said that instead of being single, it is "self-accompanied", and this term captivated the experts.

Many said that this position is a good example for the world population to realize that they can feel satisfied with themselves rather than with others.

The psychologist Niels Eek, at the words of EmmaHe said "focus with confidence and happiness in knowing who they are, what they like, what they want and, most importantly, what they need in life."

Jennifer Dorman, another expert, said that regarding the "self-partnered" of the actress you can find innovative and more precise ways to express our identity! Well done Emma!

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