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Mercedes F1 team manager Toto Wolff was quick to blame Ferrari's policies to justify Scuderia's poor performance this year, highlighting bad decisions some people have made.

Obviously, you don't have to look far for what the Austrian points out: Mattia Binotto bears the blame for this failure and playing with an engine with secret tricks now banned plunges Ferrari into chaos. And "this is not good for Formula 1" assures Wolff!

While Ferrari won this race in Belgium 12 months ago, it had a hard time getting out of Q1 this Saturday!

“Ferrari is an iconic brand and they should be racing right in front of the grid. This is not good for Formula 1, it is not good for the competition in front."

"I sympathize very much with all the Tifosi and Ferrari employees for this lack of performance. At the end of the day, you have to wonder about the priorities that have been set recently and where the lack of performance comes from. overall, no one, be it fans or Ferrari, deserves such a result. "

When asked what he thinks about when he talks about these "priorities", Wolff replies:

“It is not fair to talk about priorities at Ferrari. Because it is unfair to train all Ferrari and all the people at Ferrari in this. Maybe these are the decisions that have been made within the company. 'team, by some of their members. "

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