with this accessory, no need to wait for Android 11 to connect wirelessly

A Dutch developer has created a USB accessory that allows an Android smartphone to be connected wirelessly to a car's computer running Android Auto. Acting as a USB dongle, the accessory is the subject of an Indiegogo campaign where it is priced around 56 euros. Its launch date is scheduled for next year.

aawireless boitier android auto - with this accessory, no need to wait for Android 11 to connect wirelessly
The prototype version of AAWireless. The commercial version will be much smaller.

If you use a car with Android Auto, you probably know thata cable is necessary to make the connection between the on-board computer and the smartphone. At a time when phone brands are removing more and more cables (especially Apple, which advocates a wireless audio experience since the elimination of the 3.5 mm jack port of its iPhones), this material link between Android Auto and smartphones seem to be obsolete.

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And Google is aware of this, since the company has announced that an Android 11 smartphone will be able to connect to Android Auto without using a USB cable. Does the car still have to be compatible with this technology? Because this is obviously not the case. This compatibility will depend a lot on the car manufacturers who will have to make their vehicle compatible thanks to an update. And when it comes to updating, no car brand handles them well except Tesla.

To find a solution, we must therefore turn to equipment manufacturers and props. Today, no one offers a wireless adapter. And for good reason: a simple Bluetooth dongle with an application would require that all car / smartphone combinations be taken into account. And not just by brand. By model! Hence the idea of AAWireless, a clever little box that eliminates the problem of compatibility. And cable.

The small box that connects Android and Android Auto

Created by a Dutch developer, AAWireless is a small box that plugs into USB instead of the telephone. You must then connect the box with the smartphone. The first connection is made in Bluetooth in order to give the mobile access to the network WiFi of the box. Thereafter, no Bluetooth connection is necessary: ​​everything goes through WiFi. An application will accompany the launch of the box to configure the connection and the behavior of the box. And updates will be provided in the future. Otherwise, everything works the same way.

AAWireless is therefore a smart product for all those who no longer want to bother with a cable for Android Auto, even without Android 11 (it is compatible from Android 9). It is the subject of a Indiegogo campaign which will be finished in a month and a half. Be aware, however, that it is already fully funded. The product is therefore guaranteed to come out. The price offered during the campaign is 46 euros. And delivery is expected in February 2021.

Source: Indiegogo

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