With the XC40 Refill, Volvo goes into electric mode – The Good Life

The Swedish manufacturer has just inaugurated its range Recharge, dedicated to hybrids and electric, starting with a variation of the XC40.

While its sports division, Polestar, is already talking about itself in the electric everything, Volvo has just announced the launch of Recharge. This is the name of its range of plug-in and 100% electric hybrid vehicles. And it is the XC40 that was chosen to launch this new name. Logic, as the success of this SUV ideally proportioned does not deny.

The beast, propelled by 408 horses, will be able to roll 400 kilometers before making 80% of the full in 40 minutes – provided to find a fast charging station. In addition, it will be the first Volvo vehicle to take advantage of the new Android OS onboard, recently announced by the Swedish manufacturer.

giphy - With the XC40 Refill, Volvo goes into electric mode - The Good Life

Volvo's big electrical ambitions

Volvo has great ambitions for its Refill line. Thus, the firm of Gothenburg announces that from 2020, all its models will be available in electric and / or hybrid version. To hope that in 2025, all Volvo sold are electrified, 50% electric, 50% hybrids.

For that, it will be necessary that the manufacturer does not produce any more than Recharge cars, and that the figures of the electric reach those of the hybrid, nearly three times more numerous among the new registrations in France in 2018.

But in five years, anything can happen, and the future electricity supply could change the situation. Above all, Volvo gives itself the means of its ambitions and counts triple its production capacity electrified vehicles " to succeed.

The brand with the arrow circle counts, moreover, to sell 20% of plug-in hybrids in 2020. And to become, by 2040 – easier time to respect than 2020 and 2025 – a company « climate neutral ". If Polestar has made its mark on the premium and sports electric segment, why not Volvo in the mainstream market? We want to see !

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