While most Android smartphones have a slot for expanding the memory with a microSD card, Apple has never been convinced by this feature. Thus, iPhone users have to make do with the space available in internal storage and use online storage services, like iCloud, when this internal storage is no longer sufficient.

Fortunately, the storage space available in the iPhone evolves regularly, as user needs change due to new uses. And obviously, this year, Apple could increase the maximum internal storage that we can have on the iPhone.

A 1TB memory on the iPhone 13 Pro?

Although the iPhone 13 and its variants will not be released until the second half of 2021, there are already many rumors circulating about these devices. And among those rumors, there is one regarding internal storage that might be available on the iPhone 13 Pro.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel FRONT PAGE TECH, Jon Prosser evokes sources who have indicated to him that the iPhone 13 Pro could have a version with an internal storage memory of 1 TB. However, as the information is not not yet official, caution is still required.

On the other hand, at this stage, it is likely that Apple has not yet decided on the final characteristics that its next smartphones will have. Also, even if the info was correct, it is still possible that Apple might change its mind.

In any case, after having made a splash with its first 5G iPhones, Apple could again boost its sales by offering models with more storage space. As a reminder, the Cupertino company has just presented its latest quarterly results (for the last three months of 2020).

Despite the health crisis, Apple posted record revenues of $ 111.4 billion, which is an increase of 21% compared to the revenues generated in the same period in 2019. The revenues generated by the iPhone were 65. $ 6 billion, an increase of 17% year-on-year.

With these figures, Apple is exceeding analysts’ forecasts. And in addition, thanks to the excellent performance of the iPhone 12, the firm has just crossed the threshold of one billion users for the iPhone.

This is good news for the iPhone, but also for Apple services. Indeed, the more users there are of the Cupertino company’s devices, the more potential users there are for its services, such as Apple Arcade or Apple TV +.

iPhone 13: a smaller notch and Wi-Fi 6E support?

Regarding the iPhone 13 and its variants, rumors suggest that these models could support Wifi 6E. This is a brand new version of Wifi which will allow better performance and better data throughput thanks to the use of a new band, the 6 GHz band.

The Wifi Alliance, which promotes this new technology, evokes an unprecedented experience. And it started certifying the first 6E WiFi devices earlier this year. In France, this new version of Wifi could be available from March (indeed, the use of the new band requires the green light from the authorities).

Otherwise, other sources say that like the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 should still have a notch for the sensors on the front. But the good news is, this one could be less bulky.