With "d" of grief, with "d" of unemployment

By Guillermina Rizzo (*)

Today I feel like salmon!

In this trend and even obligation, to have to be optimistic, to give good news, that everything is "pum up", I find myself like salmon, swimming against the current, against the current of a pseudo-joy until imposed, to " to give birth ”today's topic.

Can you cover the sun with your hand? Deny? No. Especially when the protagonist of these issues is Psychology.

Unemployment! Combination of social trauma and individual and shared grief?

Unemployment! Threat that stalks and pulverizes well-being?

Unemployment! Paradox of this time? Social threat to you, to me, to many, who imposes individual responses because collective actions are scarce?

Unemployment and unprotection are the two sides of the coin?

Apart from the fact that the purpose of a job is linked to a source of income and the possibility of livelihood, it is known that the development of a “paid” task provides social and psychological well-being. Work confers a status, forms routines and habits, is a social and individual computer, largely a work structures us and occupies an important part in our lives.

Unemployment is sometimes seen, it is "seen coming", in others the end is inexorable and comes as a slap, "as a bucket of cold water." The emotional, psychological consequences, the social repercussions to the compass of the situation of helplessness seem to explode and crumble life projects.

With "d" of depression?

Going through the loss of a job involves facing a series of powerful repercussions; Growing concern, tensions, stress, anguish and even depression are the most frequent consequences. Self-esteem erodes, self-image collapses, identity is reconfigured from a new role: that of the unemployed, with a symbolism and a lacerating subjective burden.

From indifference to solidarity?

Although we live in times of exacerbated individualism, times in which the other seems expendable, who today retains his work, is also "persecuted" by this "job insecurity."

Studies reveal that the “survivors”, those who are witnesses of the unemployment of their partners also show an alarming deterioration in their psychological well-being and a decrease in the exercise and defense of rights.

According to Freud, work activity allows to develop creativity, ambition, feelings of belonging, confers recognition and independence. For the "father of Psychoanalysis", unemployment also demands a duel; to elaborate what was had and that is no longer there, or what is worse we will not possess again

Guilt, hopelessness, lack of objectives, lack of plans and projects, apathy, anger, rage, and even shame are omnipresent feelings and emotions that cloud the gaze, blur the landscape and the horizon is perceived irreversible.

The youngest experience states of irritability, isolation, self-marginalization, psychosomatic disorders, falling into a paralyzing resignation. The adults instead oscillate; from initial disbelief they move into states of disorientation and fear of the future; Although at the beginning they experience the situation as a forced vacation or a time to devote themselves to pending issues, then physical and mental disorders appear.

I know that unemployment “drills” every protective shell, generates a state of intense pain, difficult to cope with because emotional resources seem to dissipate along with “the coins,” the existential void is as unbearable as empty plates on a table.

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