Back in the days when Windows 10 Mobile was still a project the tech giant relied on, Microsoft was silently working on a project that many believed could save the platform from its near demise.

It was assumed that Android apps would be supported, something that would have solved the lack of apps on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile and which at one point even popped up in versions. previews of the mobile operating system.

Everyone knows what happened with Windows 10 Mobile, but Microsoft apparently hasn’t given up on its plans to bring Android into the world of Windows.

And now, according to a recent report from MSPowerUser, there is a chance that Microsoft could end up bringing Android apps to the next generation of Windows, which many people already call Windows 11.

Recent evidence found on GitHub seems to suggest that Microsoft may be working on an Android emulator for Windows, which in turn is seen as an indication that a future version of Windows might indeed be able to run Android apps.

More information on June 24

It turns out that everything would be possible by the Windows Subsystem for Linux although it is not yet known whether Microsoft can get the functionality in time for the start of Windows 11. The log contains two specific mentions of Android. One of them highlights “fix android emulator window is not movable when no frame“. The other mentions “fix android emulator window doesn’t move and crash at minimizing“.

Microsoft will be holding a dedicated Windows event on June 24, and one of the big announcements at the show could be the name of the next operating system. While everyone expected the fall 2021 update to land as Windows 10 version 21H2, there’s a chance Microsoft will end up calling it Windows 11, CEO Satya Nadella is calling it Windows 11. – even having promised an outing that would amaze everyone.

However, for now everything is still in the speculation stage, so it’s important to take this information with a grain of salt.