Two more F1 teams have joined Haas and said close attention is now being paid to the all-new 2022 technical rules, which will produce spectacular single-seaters and normally more suited to wheel-to-wheel battles in the peloton. .

“This season is a transition season for us,” recalls Williams CEO Jost Capito.

“But that’s it, we are totally focused on the 2022 car because there is almost nothing we can do with the 2021 car any more. We will fight during the season for points, we will attack, but we know our possibilities are limited.”

It’s a similar story at Alfa Romeo, with CTO Jan Monchaux revealing that “the decision to switch all resources to 2022 has already been taken”.

“The evolutions we are making at Imola were completed two or three weeks ago. The engineers are now on the 2022 project.”

Monchaux admits that the Switzerland-based team, managed by Sauber, have struggled since the last major rule change in 2017.

“Our car was four to five seconds behind everyone and we still suffer from that. If you start with such a handicap under these rules, it’s over. You don’t catch up.”

“So it is extremely important for us that the first car with these very different 2022 regulations is good. Then we will no longer have a huge handicap where we are constantly struggling not to be the last or the penultimate.”