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Can a dream car like the Lamborghini Gallardo cost a little more than a well-equipped family SUV? The answer is yes.

Who wouldn't dream of riding a Lamborghini Gallardo? The Italian super sportswoman displays one of the most attractive styles in the history of the Italian manufacturer. Appeared in 2003, it played the role of entry-level at Lamborghini alongside the Murcielago V12. But with its superb atmospheric V10, its efficient dynamic behavior and its remarkable level of comfort, it did not at all give the impression of being a simple "small" Lamborghini. It directly competed with the Ferrari F430 in the early 2000s.

New, this Gallardo was worth around 200,000 euros. But like all super-sports cars of its caliber that are not sold in an ultra-limited series, the Italian has since been downgraded a lot on the collection market. So, what price should you put today to buy the Lamborghini of your dreams? Well, it's simple: just under 70,000 euros for the most affordable models.

From 66,000 euros

A quick search on Leboncoin makes it possible to find several relatively affordable copies, including a pretty gray Gallardo Spyder at 66,850 euros. It still displays 93,000 kilometers at this price, which means that it will probably have to count on possible maintenance costs that can quickly reach significant sums. But seeing such a sports car at the price of a barely equipped premium family SUV still makes you want to fall in love …

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