Will Jaguars and Land Rovers soon be produced from recycled aluminum? – dh.be

Called "Reality", this project aims to reuse aluminum from cans, aerosols, trays, capsules, but also from downgraded cars to remelt it and make new chassis and bodywork elements. This of course, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions during the production of vehicles of both brands; reduction which could reach 26% according to a first study conducted by the British group.

According to the manufacturer, recycling aluminum consumes 90% less energy than the production of raw materials. A prototype made of recycled aluminum mixed with a smaller amount of primary aluminum has also already passed "initial quality tests".

This project, for which the brand does not disclose any timeframe for possible production application, is part of Jaguar Land Rover's vast "Destination Zero" plan, which ultimately aims to achieve carbon neutrality in production. The group announces that it has already reduced its CO2 emissions per vehicle by 50.7% since 2007.

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