Moving is never easy … especially for a child! While some may be excited at the idea of ​​a change of scenery, others may have a harder time saying “goodbye” to the accommodation they have known for many years.

This is why it is necessary to prepare it well psychologically.

Before leaving

Involving him in the move can allow him to accept this “change of air”. If he got along well with the other kids in the neighborhood, take a moment with him so he can shop around. An opportunity for him to say goodbye to those people he could have become attached to.

After the move

After settling in your new home, avoid stressing, your emotional state can affect your child. To do this, spend some time with him. The less urgent boxes can wait.

Faced with his loss of reference, go around the owner together, show him his new room, his play area … But you can also take the air via a bike trip. The opportunity for him to acclimatize with the surroundings. And also to discover his new school …

In the evening, organize real meals at the table. And why not have fun with a board game? The goal is that your family can get together to share.