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The American YouTube channel Donut Media took a close look at the tires of the Bugatti Veyron. He also explains why the four erasers cost the modest sum of € 36,000.

When you can afford a Bugatti Veyron at 1.6 million euros, you do not really ask the question of how much the maintenance of your vehicle costs. But the common people are always taken aback by the amounts reached by the consumables of a hypercar.

Jeremiah Burton of the YouTube channel Donut Media wanted to know why a set of tires from a Veyron cost $ 42,000. Yes, yes, you read that right, $ 42,000, or € 36,000 for 4 tires!

Michelin tires made exclusively for the Veyron

The Pilot Sport PAX have been specially designed by Michelin for the Bugatti. The first feature is that they are glued to the rim and the adhesive used to do this must be replaced every 18 months in order to maintain the best possible seal. Whether the owner of the Veyron drives it or not.

The Pilot Sport PAX is a run flat tire, in other words that in the event of a puncture it can continue to roll thanks to a polyurethane and rubber insert placed between the inside of the tire and the rim. A reinforcement which allows him to cope with the impressive friction due to the vertiginous speeds of the Veyron.

Also note that it is necessary to replace the rims of the Veyron every 16,000 km or after three changes of tire sets. An operation billed all the same 45,000 €!

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