By posting the good news on our social networks, we were surprised at the frequency of the phenomenon: “ I have the same birthday as my brother and my sister we are triple the same year so », Writes for example Josette. ” My son was born on the same date as me. My parents have the same birthday and one of my sisters had her 1st son on her birthday Jessica also writes.

If there are no statistics on the subject, the phenomenon is well known to psychogenologists, who work on transgenerational events and their consequences on each of us. Delphine Dacquembronne, psychogenologist at Marœuil confirms: “
common dates of birth, within the same siblings or between generations, are very frequent
“. ” And this is of course not the result of chance », She continues:« in psychogenealogy, we are going to find out what significance has this date in the family tree, over several generations. And patients are regularly surprised to discover that the date of birth or the date of conception related to it makes sense. “. Thus, a family with a series of people born on the same dates over several generations, the date actually corresponding to the death of a grandfather who died on the battlefield during the First World War.

It makes sense to have multiple children born on the same date
“, Reassures us the psychogenologist” does not mean that this is a problem or a sign of a hidden family trauma. Simply, with the unconscious, there is no chance “.