A secret envelope, sheltered at the seat of the British manufacturer, on the Goodwood site. Inside, a series of messages of which only Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of the brand, and Katrin Lehmann, at the origin of the concept, are aware … The pitch around the new Rolls-Royce Wraith Kryptos model definitely looks like an action movie.

The Kryptos code

It must be said that the project is unusual. For this new series – produced in 50 copies in an anthracite color Delphic Gray – Rolls-Royce imagined vehicles riddled with numbers and symbols. Scattered on the bodywork and in the living room – seats with LED-backlit ceilings – the precious clues even nestle on the famous Spirit of Extasy emblem adorning the hood.

"Kryptos"? A word from ancient Greek and a reference to something "invisible, hidden, coded, even mystical" according to Katrin Lehmann, passionate about cryptography, who also insists on the universal and timeless side of the process.

Lefficience du Luxe laquo Redeacutemarrer va demander du temps - Who will decrypt the Rolls-Royce code - Luxury Daily

From the exception to the community: customers who think they have decrypted the code are invited to share their observations on Whispers, the social network-like application set up by Rolls-Royce and presented as the most exclusive Member’s Club in the world …

Front page credit: © Rolls-Royce