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That's the assurance of not buying the same Lamborghini as your neighbor's.

Looking for the rarest and most exclusive Lamborghini in the world? Of course, it is not the ultra-limited series models that are missing. A cut Lamborghini Veneno, for example, has been marketed in triplicate. Even more elitist, the Aventador J unveiled a few years ago only existed in single copy.

But this is probably the opportunity to surprise everyone with a Lamborghini that everyone had forgotten for a long time. The Raptor was a style study by Zagato unveiled at the 1996 Geneva Motor Show.

Killed by Murcielago

This style study was to prefigure the future replacement of the Diablo, just before Volkswagen bought the Italian manufacturer. However, the great boss Ferdinand Piech was not a big fan of the style of this Raptor, preferring to finally give the green light to the project of Murcielago. But the car still exists in single copy, and the machine will be auctioned at the end of November by RM Sotheby's. Notice to interested parties, the car has a Diablo chassis and a 492 horsepower V12.

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