Who wants a fake Pagani Zonda 3 wheels? – Turbo.fr

This (fake) Pagani Zonda does not make much effort to deceive people: it only has three wheels in total.

Pagani Zonda is one of those supercars revered by exceptional sports enthusiasts. A car known for its beautiful atmospheric V12 original AMG whose engine capacity exceeds seven liters, and whose song plays among the most beautiful mechanical sounds of all time.

This Zonda is very expensive on the market of the collection since the copies remain rare and their value climbs more and higher. Count well over two million euros for the most wanted copies.

The Zonda tricycle

This purple copy should still cost a little less than that. Yes, you are not dreaming, this craft surprised somewhere in the Middle East has only three wheels. Even if its front face looks a lot like that of the real Zonda, the car uses the chassis of a simple tricycle. But the realization seems very good …

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