Faced with the health crisis, many French people find themselves in psychological distress. According to a study by the Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) published in March 2021, about one in seven French people over the age of fifteen declared “symptoms suggestive of a depressive state” in May 2020, after the first confinement, against just over one in ten in 2019.

Since then, with the second and then the third confinement, the situation does not seem to improve. Faced with this wave of depression and anxiety disorders, young people are the first to be able to benefit from psychological consultations reimbursed at 100% by health insurance.

In particular, students can use the device Student Psychic Health, which offers three free sessions, renewable once, with partner psychologists.

For children, a device by the end of the month

To benefit from it, you must first go to a general practitioner or a university health service to obtain a prescription, which allows you to enroll in a course of care. It will be necessary to return there to benefit from a renewal.

Emmanuel Macron also announced on Wednesday April 14 the implementation of a package of ten prepaid psychologist sessions for children and adolescents aged 3 to 17. This time, 10 consultations are reimbursed at 100%, and a medical prescription will still be required. For the time being, the device entitled “100% psy enfant” is however not yet implemented. Contacted by franceinfo, the State Secretariat for Children said that the device would be effective by the end of next month.

Already existing aid

Since 2018, if you live in Morbihan, Bouches-du-Rhône, Haute-Garonne, or in the Landes, Health Insurance is also experimenting with 100% reimbursement of psychology costs. Also as part of a treatment course, up to 20 sessions can be free.

If you do not meet any of these criteria, it is possible to benefit from reimbursed sessions by going to your Medico-psychological center (CMP) of reference, depending on your geographic location. Be careful, however, the waiting lists for an appointment can be very long.

You can also inquire with your mutual to find out if she can reimburse certain psychological care. Some offer packages that allow it.

Soon evolutions

At the end of March, the complementary health insurance also undertook to pay in the future several consultations with psychologists per year, up to a limit of 60 euros per session. Like the psy check for children, the measure is not yet in force, however, the three federations concerned first wishing to “initiate an exchange” with the unions of doctors and psychologists.

As a reminder, psychologists are psychotherapy professionals, who offer support in the event of psychological distress. In case of suspicion of more serious disorders, of an inability to function normally on a daily basis, it is advisable to go instead at a psychiatrist. There, the consultations are reimbursed at 70% by the health insurance, and the supplement is often paid by the mutual.

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