The narcissistic pervert has one main characteristic: he is a manipulator. His functioning leads him to seek to exercise psychological domination over others and to crush them in order to put himself forward. “He has no qualms or feels guilty about hurting those around him”, specifies Bernard Sanquer, psychologist and psychotherapist in Paris on his website.

While not all narcissistic perverts are the same, there are several signs you can spot them. Even if it is often difficult to do it objectively with someone close:

  • –He constantly belittles you;
  • –He uses you as a foil;
  • – he is completely insensitive to your suffering.

Let us add that generally, “he appears self-assured, sympathetic and sociable” in the eyes of the majority. “He seeks to please at all costs, so he is charming and knows how to find the words his audience wants to hear. But alone with his spouse, his friend, his parent, he reveals his other side.

What if you are in a relationship with a narcissistic pervert?

The ideal solution is to sever all relationship with that person. But it is often difficult because the influence is all the greater as the link is close. This is the case in a couple for example. “Especially since to fully exercise his influence, the narcissistic pervert makes sure to isolate his victim, to keep him away from his family and friends,” notes Bernard Sanquer. “Despite everything, the relatives of the victim can realize the toxicity of the relationship and help him to cut the ties,” he concludes.