What is the most hated car brand? A French manufacturer? A German premium brand?

What are the most loved and hated automotive brands? This is a question that is difficult to answer head-on. But in the United States, Consumer Reports tried to investigate the matter. To do this, the organization contacted some 369,000 vehicle owners with a fairly simple question, “Would you buy the same car you currently own again?” “

To this question, those who answer “yes” most often own a Tesla. With a score of 88, the Californian manufacturer dominates the standings ahead of Lincoln (79), Ram (76), Chrysler (76) and Subaru (75). On the other side of the table, it is the Infiniti brand which collects the worst result with 46. Nissan is hardly doing better (58) while on the premium brands side, Mercedes is poor with only 64.

And in France ?

It would be interesting to see what this survey would give in France. We can bet that brands like Tesla, Dacia or Peugeot would logically be among the preferred names. But what about the most hated brands?