Barclays brings some more water to the rumor mill of Wi-Fi 6E support in the iPhone 2021 vintage. The latest note from analysts Blayne Curtis and Thomas O’Malley, intercepted by MacRumors, assures once again (the first rumor already came from them) that the next smartphones from Apple will be able to hook up the Wi-Fi in the frequency band of 6 GHz, in addition to the usual 2,4 and 5 GHz (read: Wi-Fi 6E: Wi-Fi 6 in the 6 GHz band).

Skyworks and Broadcom are expected to be Apple’s main suppliers for the components needed to support this novelty. The case of Broadcom is particularly interesting since it supplies the Wi-Fi 6E chips to Samsung: the Galaxy S21 Ultra is indeed one of the very first (the first?) Smartphone to be compatible.

Wi-Fi 6E, which has started to appear in routers from several manufacturers, offers higher speeds, support for more devices simultaneously, higher transfer volumes, reduced latency and WP3 security. . The use of 6E Wi-Fi products should be authorized in France by spring.