when the show with Cyril Lignac will be back on M6?

ALL IN THE KITCHEN WITH CYRIL LIGNAC – The M6 ​​program ended on Friday October 9 … but this stop is only temporary. What we know.

[Updated October 12, 2020 at 9:51 a.m.] All in the kitchen, it's over … for the moment! On October 9, 2020, Cyril Lignac and Jérôme Anthony offered a last recipe to their viewers: as of this Monday, the culinary event is replaced by another program from M6: Objectif Top Chef, the competition of Philippe Etchebest which aims , ultimately, to prepare and appoint one of the Top Chef candidates. But that fans of Tous en cuisine can be reassured: the program should return before Christmas 2020. It was the presenters themselves who announced it during the last program: "We're taking a little break," said Cyril Lignac, I work on my little recipes and Jérôme rehearses his texts, his songs and we come back for Christmas, to feast and prepare festive dinners together ". The exact date of the show's return, however, has not yet been announced.

As soon as Tous en cuisine returned last August, there was already talk of the show not being on the air indefinitely. In an interview with TV Mag, Cyril Lignac explained that he could not hold a live show for a whole year, while he must also take care of these establishments and that he participates in other shows, on M6 or RTL: "I can't last the whole year with a daily live broadcast, so we're going to do some salvos". While waiting for Tous to return to the kitchen, it is still possible to make the recipes seen in the M6 ​​program: lThese detailed instructions will then be posted on the CuisineAZ websites, M6's Instagram account or even available for replay on 6play.

Tous en cuisine en direct avec Cyril Lignac is a television program broadcast initially on M6 from March 24 to June 12, 2020. This daily culinary event was created during confinement, in order to help the French take care of themselves. by preparing healthy and gourmet meals. Building on its audience success, the show resumes on August 24, 2020, with professional chef and host Jérôme Anthony still behind the stove. The show is broadcast Monday to Friday at 6:40 p.m. on M6.

In an interview given to TV Mag, Cyril Lignac detailed the advantages, but also the constraints of the program: "I am a hard worker and I live from my passion. The public, the success, the enthusiasm were there, so I wanted to resume this show ". However, if the chief was able to organize himself for this return to television, he specifies it very clearly: "I cannot hold out all year long with a daily live broadcast, so we will make salvos". Viewers are going to have to take advantage of it, because we don't know when Tous en cuisine could stop, temporarily or permanently. The show will end for a second time on M6 on October 9, to leave its broadcasting slot to Objectif Top Chef.

Each week during the broadcast of the show, Tous en cuisine live with Cyril Lignac offers new recipes to be made at the same time as the chef and the host Jérôme Anthony. In order to follow the preparation instructions directly, CuisineAZ and M6 put online the list of ingredients necessary for the preparations of the week. Generally, the list of ingredients is posted online on the cooking site but also on the social networks of M6 and those of Cyril Lignac on the Saturday preceding the broadcast of the show.

Since June 11, 2020, a cookbook has been released in bookstores. This book, titled Homemade n ° 1, compiles all the preparations disseminated in Tous en cuisine and concocted by Cyril Lignac during confinement and the beginning of deconfinement. It is available in bookstores for € 12.90. You can order it directly by clicking below. Homemade # 2 is currently available for the same price online and in bookstores since September 3, 2020.

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Homemade – number 2 by Cyril Lignac

Fait maison numero 1 Par Cyril Lignac - when the show with Cyril Lignac will be back on M6?

Homemade – number 1 By Cyril Lignac

€ 12.90SEE THE OFFERon Fnac

Tous en cuisine live with Cyril Lignac offers many recipes on M6. To find all the chef's preparations, nothing could be simpler! All you have to do is connect to the 6play streaming site, which offers the program in replay and all those already broadcast. The channel's Instagram account, @ m6officiel, and the CuisineAZ site also post the written steps for each new recipe on their account. The Homemade recipe book # 1 by Cyril Lignac, released on June 11, 2020 in bookstores, also compiles the chef's preparations seen on the show.

Tous en cuisine shone on M6 thanks to its concept, but also thanks to the personality of Cyril Lignac. Very popular with viewers, he is a chef recognized both in the world of cooking and on television. Cyril Lignac has several culinary establishments: Le Chardenoux, Aux Prés and Le Bar des Prés, in Paris, but also the shops La pâtisserie Cyril Lignac and La Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac, also in the capital. The chef has also shone on M6 for several years, having started as a juror of the first seasons of Top Chef. Since 2012, he has been a member of the jury for the Best Pastry Chef, alongside Mercotte, and his popularity with viewers is well established.

Tous en cuisine avec Cyril Lignac was broadcast from Monday to Friday at 6:45 p.m. on M6 from March 24 to June 12, 2020. The program resumes on August 24, 2020 for a daily broadcast at 6:40 p.m. until October 9, 2020, still on the sixth channel . Past recipes and shows have been made available for replay streaming on the 6play site. You just have to connect to the site to find them.

All in the kitchen, live with Cyril Lignac – on the TV program on M6

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