The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the mental health of millions of people around the world. Isolation, financial problems due to job loss or the disappearance of loved ones are the cause of many psychological disorders. Scientific studies have revealed that many people suffered from anxiety and depression during the pandemic. Some even tried to end their lives.

Recently, a group of researchers commissioned by The Lancet site conducted a study with the aim of quantifying the psychological effects of the pandemic. These scientists come from Simon Fraser, Stanford and British Columbia universities. Analyzing the data they had in their possession, they were surprised to see that the psychological effects of Covid-19 did not last as long as expected.

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Thanks to this study, they were able to highlight what experts call the “Psychological immune system. “

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A situation that is improving

Researchers reviewed nearly 1,000 studies that examined hundreds of thousands of people. Note that this work was carried out in nearly 100 different countries. In doing this, they wanted to measure all of the variables related to mental health (anxiety, depression, and suicide deaths).

The authors of this study also focused on two types of complementary evidence. They first took into account the polls that analyzed comparable groups of people, before and during the pandemic. Then, they analyzed the results of studies that followed these same individuals over time.

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Work that shows the resilience of the human being

First, the researchers noted an overall increase in people suffering from anxiety and depression between March and April 2020. This period corresponds to the start of the pandemic. However, during the summer, they observed a gradual decline in cases of depression, anxiety and distress.

They were then surprised by the ability of individuals “To overcome the psychological challenges of the pandemic.” According to them, this is due to what experts call the “Psychological immune system. “ To put it simply, it is a set of cognitive abilities that we “Allows us to do our best, even in the worst of situations.” For the authors of this study, this proves the resilience of human beings as well as their great capacity for adaptation.

“We have learned that people can cope with temporary changes in their lifestyle better than some decision makers want us to believe”, they wrote.