When Rudy Giuliani, Trump's former cybersecurity advisor, goes to Apple to unlock his iPhone – 20 Minutes

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. – Julio Cortez / AP / SIPA

Rudy Giuliani had to go to an Apple Store in San Francisco to unlock his iPhone after entering ten bad passwords and blocked his device. The facts go back to February 2017, that is to say less than a month after being appointed advisor in …
Cybersecurity of Donald Trump's government, says
NBC News. "He did not even know the basics of the security of his own phone," says a former store employee present at the arrival of the former mayor of New York.

The US media has obtained an internal document from Apple confirming that it is a "forgetting pin code" that "locked" the smartphone. US national security experts are worried about Rudy Giuliani's behavior. "He should never have gone to a shop to ask for this kind of help," said E.J. Hilbert, a former FBI agent who is expert in cybercrime and terrorism.

Sensitive communications could be visible

Michael Anaya, another digital specialist, describes the episode as "incredible". He explains that specific processes should have been put in place for Donald Trump's advisor to receive assistance from White House employees and not an Apple employee. "It is very disturbing to imagine that this individual has had access to the most powerful person in the world and that sensitive communications have been visible to people who should never have seen them," he says. .

On Twitter, the respondent reacted after these revelations. He recalled that the FBI had already been asked last year to unlock an iPhone. Several Internet users, however, answered that it was the apparatus of a criminal, locked voluntarily by its owner.

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