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Mercedes-Benz unveiled to the world a few days ago the new S-Class. The seventh generation of the flagship is, once again, filled with superlatives, including with the largest number of screens that the found in a luxury sedan. It is true that calling the new S-Class high-tech would be an understatement.

It is therefore in this context of presentation of the S-Class that BMW left a small message to its long-standing rival on social networks. A video posted on Instagram, in which we can read "Nice S" (nice S) and which presents a section of road in "S" precisely. BMW takes the opportunity to say that Mercedes has done an excellent job with its new S-Class.

The Bavarian automaker went on to say that he too was a big fan of the S, followed by a nod (see the embedded Instagram post above). There are obviously two readings to this post: either BMW actually recognizes the hard work of Mercedes on its new limousine, or it is of the second degree, since obviously, the last Series 7 is shown at the end of the clip, as for say that nothing scares him. Probably a bit of both …

Whatever the intention, it's always nice to see a car brand recognize its competition. It's also a bit of a psychological warfare on the luxury segment since the current 7 Series is getting older, it appeared in 2015 (restyled in 2019), and therefore probably closer to the end than to its debut. The opportunity for the new Mercedes S-Class to resume sales to the Bavarian manufacturer, the latter being in fact much more advanced than its rival … At least until the renewal of the latter!

For BMW fans, don't worry: the German manufacturer is currently working on the next 7 Series. No date has yet been set for the arrival of the flagship of the Munich firm, but given the current schedule, it is more likely to happen by 2022.

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