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This is one of the most frightening situations that can be encountered on the road.

Ah, the famous overtaking at the sign "too late". We see every day on the road, these cars that decide to undertake their overtaking maneuver at times when common sense would rather not try anything.

Cars that find themselves on the opposite lane just in front of a bend, this is precisely the worst kind of situation that can be encountered on the road. And what has just happened to an unfortunate driver somewhere in Australia.


Here, a yellow Audi S3 was trying to overtake another car in the middle of a curve. And seeing a car arrive on the other track, the Audi then tries to fall back on his way by typing the car that she wanted to overtake.

Result, the Audi S3 is in a barrel situation and will end against the car opposite where filmed the camera. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in this scary accident.

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