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We don't tell you about all the accidents we hear about … But when it comes to a 650 horsepower Urus and a 571 horsepower Rolls-Royce Ghost, you can't resist.

Here's an accident you won't see every day. We're not just saying that a Lamborghini Urus or a Rolls-Royce Ghost isn't very common on the streets but rather that there's very little chance of one crashing into the other. And yet this is what happened according to Express & Star.

A tweet from Force Response said the driver was not fit to drive and that is the reason he allegedly fled the scene. It is not known whether there were any passengers in the Rolls-Royce or in the Lamborghini, but apparently there were no injuries.

Big damage

Still, judging from the carnage on the Ghost, the impact with the Urus was rather violent. The left side of the sedan has been stamped and the grille appears to have moved back a few inches. The Ghost was shaken enough to trigger all the airbags, enough to drive up the damage bill. Between the Urus and the Ghost as well as the third car damaged by the Rolls-Royce, there could well be nearly 250,000 euros in repairs. Ouch!

It just goes to show that driving a luxury sedan or an ultra-sporty SUV does not always mean driving well. Even the lucky motorists who drive these kinds of cars can do silly things. With the only difference that they cost more!

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