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A small Peugeot 106 which ridicules big supercars on the Nordschleife, is it possible?

On paper, how could a humble '90s city car like the Peugeot 106 beat real modern supercars on the Nordschleife? Impossible to imagine such a thing when one knows the course of the green hell. Even less when it comes to machines like the Lamborghini Aventador SV, capable of completing a lap of the German circuit in less than seven minutes.

But there are two important parameters that must also be taken into account: the talent of the driver behind the wheel, and the possible preparation of the machine. Add a good dose of daring to that, and you have this amazing footage shot on the Nordschleife.

A 106 that makes the interior of sports cars

Filmed on the famous carousel bend, the video shows a small blue Peugeot 106 inside a Lamborghini Aventador SV, Renault Megane RS and Suzuki Swift Sport. Nice sequence …

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