WhatsApp finally allows fingerprint unlocking on Android

WhatsApp has just released fingerprint unlocking on Android. It is now possible to have the application require your fingerprint after a specified time. The lock also expires notifications to prevent them from being read by prying eyes.

whatsapp 2 - WhatsApp finally allows fingerprint unlocking on Android

WhatsApp now officially supports fingerprint locking on Android. Until then to protect your conversations, it was possible to set up a six-digit code, or even double-factor authentication. More simple and fast, this new process should enhance the security of the application, while avoiding that prying eyes do not fall on your conversations: once locked, notifications can indeed be redacted any sensitive information.

WhatsApp finally offers unlocking by fingerprint reader

Incoming calls are not blocked. The feature is already known for many months of iPhone users. These can, on compatible models, even use Face ID to make unlocking even faster and more reliable. Specifically, it is possible to choose to require the impression immediately, after 1 minute or after 30 minutes. An option allows to show or hide the contents of the notifications once locked.

To configure the fingerprint lock:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to Settings> Accounts> Privacy
  • Choose the time period beyond which the smartphone will be locked
  • Select whether to show or hide notification content

And now, it will be more difficult for the curious to access your WhatsApp messages. This new feature seems both based on the latest version of WhatsApp available and on a server-side activated element. It will be necessary to check if your application is up to date, whether via the Google Play Store or via APK Mirror by following the link below:

WhatsApp on APK Mirror

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