The love or romantic life is one of the aspects about which people usually ask more questions; this test helps to know what will happen

How many times do we wonder what will happen to us in love in the near future? Will we meet someone new? Will we make an important decision? Will the doubts be clarified? Is an end looming? If the future is a box of surprises, the love makes it even more unpredictable!

This test is about that. Sure we can’t guess exactly what will happen, but we can get a little closer to thinking Possible scenarios.

Find out what your love future will bring you by looking at the image below. What catches your attention first? Do not think too much! Just say the first thing that piqued your interest and read what that means below.

506122.jpg?6.0 - what you see will tell you what you need
The image to know the test results

What did you see first


You chose the discovery. Many say that the eyes are the most sincere expression of the soul; they relate to the truth, to the heart. That is why opening your eyes has a very important symbolic charge in love.

This means that in your future you will be encouraged to see something that until now you have denied or that you have not yet discovered. Like those moments where you suddenly understand everything, your future predicts a love with certainty, either towards yourself or towards your partner. You will see the path by which you want to direct your heart.


You chose the transformation. The future of love promises you an important and positive change, a flowering. There is something that has been brewing for a long time and it begins to take shape, to bear fruit. Maybe it’s a decision, a step forward, a breakup, or some other “turn of the wheel” that positively transforms you, nurtures you, and makes you feel whole in your heart.


You chose the darkness. This is not necessarily a negative, don’t panic! The moon is brightness and shadow, but fundamentally, it is cycle, phases, movement. What does this mean? That your love future will be marked by changes, transition, renewal.

It is a cycle of birth and death that can often lead you to not be so sure of your feelings. But everything will be part of the process. Give yourself time, you don’t want to control everything. Remember that emotions, as well as the cycle of the moon, fluctuate and transform. It will be a time of growth.


You chose the brightness. This means that it is possible that your love future is marked by a beginning. Something is born, something takes light, something comes back with another energy, and that nourishes you, makes you feel full. It may be that you fall in love, that you meet someone again in a different way, or that you are even reborn in some sense that makes you attract that love that you deserve to yourself. It is a time for joy and an open heart.


You chose the adventure. Your future love will not be anything immobile, but everything contracted. An intense and deep energy will be born (or reborn) in love and you will feel more confident to encourage you to experience things that you have never tried until now. It can be a trip, a different form of relationship, a change in habits, or any other break that suddenly brings you back the adrenaline rush and the pleasure of daring to do something for the first time. It is time for adventures in love.