After the big X7, BMW is preparing an even more high-end X8. What will this future rival of the Mercedes GLS Maybach look like?

BMW already has a host of large SUVs currently. In addition to the X5 and X6, recently upgraded to a new generation, the Japanese manufacturer now offers the large X7 in its range, rival of the Mercedes GLS in very large SUVs.

But we know that the propeller brand has not finished expanding its range at this level. BMW is preparing another SUV, which will be the most luxurious and the most expensive in its entire catalog. The machine will take the badge "X8" and will undoubtedly appear as a "coupe" version of the large X7. Unless it clearly benefits from a different technical basis to establish its ultra high-end positioning?

A beautiful X8?

Russian Kolesa specialists are already imagining what this future BMW X8 could look like, with a silhouette halfway between the coupe and the classic SUV. So will it look like this? See you in two years at the most to verify that!