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Are you bored but own a horse and a Ferrari? So, here's an example of the kinda silly things you can do.

It is often said that it is better to be poor and happy than rich and unhappy. That money doesn't buy happiness. It's true, but some still find it more pleasant to cry in your Porsche than in your Dacia.

Still, life as an annuitant can sometimes be a bit boring. What to do when you already have everything and no longer any goals in life? Find original ideas to pass the time, no doubt. Like, for example, using all your capital to make a few publications that can quickly go viral on social networks.

A horse and a Ferrari

For example, below is a horse eating hay in the trunk of a Ferrari 488 GTB. The interest of such a sequence is close to absolute zero, but it will at least have allowed its author to be noticed for a few moments on the Internet …

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