This new visual challenge went viral on social networks for its ability to reveal our way of being from our subconscious

The personality tests They are very popular for their ability to determine what our ways of being are from simple psychological tests. In this case, the test analyzes whether your intelligence is analytical or intuitive.

The diversity of intelligence

Our intelligence is what allows us to learn, take decisions, reason and form ideas by our own means. There are different types of intelligence, such as analytical, musical, bodily, intrapersonal, and more.

If you want to find out what your type of understanding is like, this test is ideal for you. Look at the image quickly and define what was the first thing you saw. Your choice will determine what type of intellect you have.

511085.png?6.3 - What kind of intelligence do you have?

The first thing you see in this image will reveal what kind of intelligence you have

How is my intelligence?

A woman

If the first thing you saw was a woman’s face, you definitely have a intuitive mind. Usually you are safe when it comes to acting because you feel that you know what to do, although many times you cannot explain why.

Of course, this does not mean that your plans can be altered by force majeure problems. If this happens, don’t let it get to you because you know that you can always go back to where you started and start over. To do, you do or if you are guided by what you feel, even when things seem to have no logical explanation.

A vase with flowers

If the first thing you see was a vase with flowers, it means that your mind is purely analytical. You are too controller and it is for that reason that it is often difficult for you to make decisions.

Unlike those who saw a woman, you distrust instinct and prefer to use another path analyzing every detail of each situation that arises. This allows you to always get what you expected and that your environment does not generate many problems.

The Apple

If the apple was the first thing to capture your attention, it means that you have an exceptional capacity to find the balance between intuition and logic. You control your feelings well and listen to your instincts just as well, but this does not imply that you put reason aside: you let them complement each other to reach the best possible result.

This balance helps you find harmony and peace with yourself and the environment. Your social circle considers you a great advisor and that is why they often appear for advice and support. However, all the help you give does not usually pay off, since when you seek support you do not always find it.