Pulzo spoke with Pablo Monsalve, a magister in clinical psychology, who assured that the confinement forced by the health alert generated a negative impact, since it has affected people’s tranquility in different ways.

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The also lecturer told this medium that the mental problem is not a disorder, but yes it is “a set of symptoms of a psychological and physiological nature”, that make the person afraid to socialize and leave their home.

Considering your symptoms, the cabin syndrome is linked to anxiety, since it is the negative vision of a panorama; this problem has a treatment and is not as complex as that of a disorder.

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Monsalve told Pulzo that the first thing to analyze is if the patient sees leaving the house as something negative, causing fear; Furthermore, he mentioned other details to keep in mind, as recorded in the video below:

How to help a person suffering from cabin syndrome?

The specialist in clinical psychology, who in the past gave some ‘tips’ to combat an anxiety attack, assured that the companion should start giving small steps to help the patient, such as inviting him to sunbathe at the entrance of his house; then, you will have to extend the distances.

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It is also important to remind you of everything that made you happy before the pandemicLike having dinner, going for a coffee, going to the movies, talking with your friends and visiting your family, all this will become a motivation.

Although Monsalve’s recommendations were very clear and could be helpful in helping someone with cabin syndrome, it is important to remember that any problem of a psychological nature should be treated directly with a specialist.